Kovacs, Whitney & Associates, Inc. offers complete mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering design services including HVAC, Power Plant Design, Steam and HTHW, Energy Conservation Studies and Implementation, Plumbing (both domestic and specialized), Power Generation and Distribution, Lighting, Facility-Wide Studies for Plant Improvement and Optimization, Fire Protection, Fire Alarm and Detection, Nurse Call Systems, Paging Systems, Special Systems (MIS, communications), Emergency Generators and related Distribution, UPS Systems, Construction Administration, and Owner’s Representative Service. The firm also selectively provides commissioning services for institutional, aquarium and commercial facilities.



Our healthcare project experiences range from chilled water plant installations and HVAC renovations to MRI installations and preparation of building power systems. Special systems generally include paging, fire alarm, nurse call, and communication networks. To meet healthcare’s continuous operation demand, most projects are phased so that plants and adjacent facilities can remain in operation during construction.


Offices, classrooms, and laboratories present different design challenges in institutional facilities. KWA works hand in hand with clients to meet the varying demands of each project. Our Experience includes colleges and universities, biological and engineering research laboratories, athletic facilities, animal vivaria and specialized microscope facilities.

Data Centers

Sending, receiving and storing digital information requires careful design considerations to insure the safety of data processing equipment. Our experience includes central office conditioning and power distribution, UPS and emergency power distribution for digital processing, specialized office buildings, and Service Operations Centers.

Standby Power Generation

It’s always better to be prepared. Standby Power Generation keeps our clients operating during different emergency situations. Whether it’s a telephone building or hospital, our designs provide a reliable safety net so clients can continue to focus on providing their services.


Some of the most important parts of KWA’s design process are the engineering considerations aimed towards improving building systems performance and efficiency. These consideration include reducing energy usage by upgrading key mechanical system equipment, and installing state of the art control systems designed to minimize energy usage for multiple applications.